When You Need Wire and Cable,

If your requirements are low voltage wire and cable for Fiber Optic, Security, LAN, Premise Wiring, Home Automation, Audio, and Fire Alarm systems, consider Remee. Remee manufactures and offers QSV Wire Solutions™ to meet your project and purchase requirements. As a full line manufacturer, Remee provides engineered solutions in product, Quality, Service & Value to meet the most demanding applications, projects, and clients. Unlike others, Remee Wire and Cable manufactures what they sell.

QSV Wire Solutions™, what is it? Remee's corporate mission to combine Quality, Service, and Value into product solutions that create an enhanced value benefit through our channel partners to fulfill customer needs, while exceeding their expectations.   

Remee has been manufacturing wire and cable in Florida, New York since 1972 and having an ISO 9001 Certification assures that your product requirements are met. With over 150 employees, we can service distributors, OEM's, end users, contractors and architects with quality products and exceptional value for any project. 

Remee's Full Line of Copper and Fiber Optic Cables include:

  • Fiber Optic Inside and Outside Plant Cables
  • LAN, WAN & Premise Communication Cables
  • Composite/Hybrid ( Skipbound or Jacketed) Cables
  • Low Voltage Electronic Wire & Cable
  • Plenum High Temperature Electronic Wire & Cable
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable
When You Need Wire and Cable, TRUST ONE NAME, Remee

QSV Wire Solutions™- Quality, Service and Value are woven throughout our organization. Our QSV program is recognized at Remee as every employee's responsibility. It is our mission to continuously improve the quality, service and value of all Remee products. Our ISO 9001 certification proves our inherent dedication to quality. In addition to ISO, we are honored to be members of both BICSI and TIA. All of our products meet all applicable ETL, RUS and CSA requirements. When it comes to wire and cable, trust one name, Remee. 

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